Buồn gì buồn quá.

Đêm thứ hai của năm mới, choàng tỉnh sau giấc ngủ ngắn, tự dưng bị nỗi buồn sâu sắc đánh úp mà không hiểu tại sao.

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Năm 2019 thì mong gì?

Viết dài dài sau lại xóa đi hết, đại để viết là năm 2018 cũng không đặc biệt lắm, sau càng viết lại càng thấy năm 2018 cũng rực rỡ phết mà? Read More

Muốn khoe cả thế giới

Có những điều, người ta nói nên giấu cho bản thân mà thôi. Thực ra là có rất nhiều thì phải.

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I bothered my emotional advisors (again)

A long period of PMS involving a bit tears, lots of sleep, none productivity finally called for a trip out of the city.

I bothered all of the friends who were available to listen to my ranting. The same story was told so many times, and gradually I don’t feel much telling it anymore. But I still want to cry whenever I said ‘It reminds me of the time with J., and suddenly it becomes unbearable.’

The difficulty of having a public blog is the risk of people finding out what I wrote about them. But then what? Most of them don’t care enough, and the rest don’t even need to read this. I just told them straight. So I just write. Read More

I thought of her recently

I realized that I thought of her quite frequently, more than I expected, and more than I supposed to. Read More

Châu, it’s not anyone’s fault.

I don’t remember well if she ever cried in front of me. Now as I writing this, I remember once she cried because of her dad. I couldn’t really feel her because I barely have any memories of my own father anyway.

Having known each other for more than 13 years, we started just like a teen fiction – we kinda hated each other. She was the one I didn’t really hang around with: she wasn’t at any places around the top of the class, she cared too much about her appearance and she had really crazy characteristics. But I guess the crazy part was the one got us together: we were both huge fans of manga and unreal stuff like that. Time flies by, we were close and we were far apart, but the good thing of having her is that I always know I have her when I need her and that we are always the crazy ones back in high school no matter how many wrinkles we have on our faces. She is always the one I am proud to call my BFF, the one I know if I get any matching tattoos it will definitely be with her. She is always the girl I would date if I were a guy, and the one I would grow old with if we ended up being alone. Read More

Thôi thì thế thôi.

Mọi chuyện kết thúc nhanh hơn tôi tưởng tượng rất nhiều. Tôi biết rồi tôi sẽ hết thích em thôi, nhưng tôi không nghĩ là một ngày đẹp trời tỉnh dậy tôi đột nhiên không còn thấy hứng thú nói chuyện với em nữa.

Chỉ là rất nhiều người hỏi theo nhiều sắc thái khác nhau, rằng vì sao tôi lại hết thích em nhanh như thế.

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