Châu, it’s not anyone’s fault.

I don’t remember well if she ever cried in front of me. Now as I writing this, I remember once she cried because of her dad. I couldn’t really feel her because I barely have any memories of my own father anyway.

Having known each other for more than 13 years, we started just like a teen fiction – we kinda hated each other. She was the one I didn’t really hang around with: she wasn’t at any places around the top of the class, she cared too much about her appearance and she had really crazy characteristics. But I guess the crazy part was the one got us together: we were both huge fans of manga and unreal stuff like that. Time flies by, we were close and we were far apart, but the good thing of having her is that I always know I have her when I need her and that we are always the crazy ones back in high school no matter how many wrinkles we have on our faces. She is always the one I am proud to call my BFF, the one I know if I get any matching tattoos it will definitely be with her. She is always the girl I would date if I were a guy, and the one I would grow old with if we ended up being alone. Continue reading “Châu, it’s not anyone’s fault.”